Our Creator as our Father/Mother

The Creator loves us and wants us to grow up to our fullest potential. That is not the same thing as trying to be “perfect” . This has absolutely nothing to do with “religion” or religious attitudes. That is not God. It is not a set of rules. It is not in crying or begging our parent as a child would do either. It is very much like desiring for us to grow up as we want our children to grow up—being able to stand on our own, knowing who we are, and all the wonderful potential we have inside of us. I’m not talking about our body growing into the fullness of an adult. I am talking about our Spirit growing—the “inside of us”—-not a religious concept whatsoever. But the “growing up” is the question. What is growing up ?

The orthodox or traditional Christian believes it means to follow the Bible, go to church, follow all the rules in the Bible , and follow all the doctrines of their particular church. But that is NOT it ! That is following people and the words that people wrote—whether true or not. They are not all true.

I have come to understand that He wants us to develop a relationship with him. We talk to him; he listens. He talks to us; we listen. But first we have to know ourselves. We must spend time alone, reflect, ponder and meditate and ask questions. That is where we get our guidance and then we will recognize the true scriptures which come from the heart of Jesus and recognize the difference. Other scriptures scattered throughout the Bible are ego based and did not come from the same entity. This can be felt. And you know it is not from the sweet spirit world. It is from the human world.

That is why any time we read the Bible —we need to already have that relationship in place with Spirit and with our spirit selves. The truth tellers. This is the same reason that Jesus frequently went off by himself to be recharged and not so influenced by the humans around him. Most humans do not realize that the Creator is within ALL of us. And we all have that opportunity to communicate with him.   And that is why he is called the “I am”.   The Bible is not the handbook of how to live.  I use it as a reference and always remember that it was written by men and then translated by men long after Jesus was alive. It was put together from many ancient manuscripts ;  many were thrown out, others were kept and additions made —at the discretion of these men.  Emperor Constantine had this book put together to bring his worldly kingdom together  which consisted of  Christians and Pagans.  For the most part, the Jesus that is represented there is not the same Jesus that I know.   He was an enlightened  teacher.  He did not come to be worshiped on a pedestal as humans like to do.  He came to show the way—to a better life and a growing spiritual life.   Spirituality is an inside job—has nothing to do with the external.  The external only “follows” the internal.  We are spirit inside of clay flesh bodies.




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