My First Attempted Astral Projection

( week of August 6th 1997–my first attempted Astral Projection.  Written in my journal.   I had been reading books by Mary Summer Rain and had read her instructions on Astral Projection–so I tried it and it worked .  Later I went back to this book “Earthway” and even looked through all her other books I have of hers to show to other people–and could never find these instructions.  I looked so hard–but maybe I just overlooked it somehow.  very strange.)

First thing I did was try to figure out where I wanted to travel.  I could not make up my mind.  I thought about the pyramids and other exotic places.  I thought about visiting people I know .  But wanting to do the right thing;  I left that up to God,  the Universe .  I felt since it was my first purposeful astral projection–I wanted to do it right.  I knew nothing about astral projection.  So I prayed to God for safety and to go to the place that I should go–for my highest good.

I followed her directions to the Nth.  I memorized it.  I was alone at my home.  I layed down on my bed laying on my back.  I started from the toes up and tensed all my muscles following the tensing with relaxing each.  Then  in a short amount time,  I heard a “click”  or “popping” sound  on the right side of my neck.  This Mary Summer rain had also talked about.  That was the last thing I remembered before I found myself floating in a building heading toward an open door in a room.  As I was entering this room, I saw several people in there.  It seemed like there were more women than men and then they started fading away until only 2 people were left.  The only way I could describe this room was that it was office like.  I floated over to an office table and sat in a chair.  I didn’t feel “skin” touch the chair–just felt like I was sitting.  The two people that remained were a man and a woman.  The woman was the first that I noticed.  She was standing at the end of the table to my left,  and I was sitting in the middle.  She was slender and aged somewhere in her 30’s, shoulder length light brown hair .  Then I noticed that the man was sitting kittycornered across from me.  He had black hair and medium to light skin color.  By the time I noticed him–she was now standing right across the table from me.  These were regular looking people.  Nothing special, nothing unusual.  I thought about the woman and how plain she was and because I thought this–I was very embarrased.  This did not seem to bother her.  And I knew she could read my thoughts.  Even though I have no recollection of ever seeing anyone looking like them in my life;  I felt very comfortable with them.  They did not talk to me with words out loud.  But they looked at me and directly in my eyes.  They seemed to pause and wait for me to talk, explain something or ask questions.  I heard her giggle,  but it was more like a telepathic giggle.  They were very happy that I was there.  It felt like they were proud of this, for me.  I was still trying to figure out who they were.  Then I thought about where I had come from and about my physical body;  and suddenly,  I found myself back in bed, like a flash.  After finding myself back in bed–I thought, oh no;  why didn’t I keep focused and stay there and see what that was all about.  I was a little upset with myself.  But it wasn’t till years later that I learned that when in a waking asrtal projection; when you think of your body –you are zapped back into it.  “Thoughts”  are what moves you  !


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