Ode to My Passing

( written many years ago)

The thought of death is not so bad
Of course it makes me a little bit sad

I just have to shed my body you see
Door’s only big enough for the inside of me

But before I leave and I am gone
My Spirit makes sure  my mission is done

So don’t fret for me with even a thought
Cause life is hard but not to be fought

Words of wisdom usually flow
At the end when one must go

But before I go I have to say
For all those things I must repay

And before I’m gone I do this give
A gift from me while I still live

So here it is and here am I
The words I give are my “goodbye”:

When it feels good in the soul
Let that be your basic goal

Study life and all it means
And in your youth work out your dreams

Judge me not or anyone
It brings no good when it is done

Please do your part to live in peace
So this world will somewhat ease

It’s a natural plan, the simple life
Creator is close, can be no strife

But to know what each day to do
Inside you-only, will be the clue

But above all things that are here below
Give love to all, less bad you’ll sow

And when I’m gone and really have left
Don’t worry ’bout me, I’m tenderly kept

I’ll check in from time to time
But mostly remember–these words of my rhyme


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