My Best Friend’s Perfume

(spirit experience–in the latter half of the 1990’s)


My best friend ,  Shirley,  was the prissy one.  She dressed up and I dressed down.  She had a flair for that and I did not.  It was always difficult for me to know “how” to dress and what looked good and what looked bad.  But Shirley had it “going on”; hair, nails, colors, heels, dresses and nice pants.  I was the genes and tshirt kind of girl.  But she didn’t hold it against me–nor did I hold her flair against her.  Even perfume was a “thing”  for her.  She had a special perfume she wore–always.  She never veered from that.  I wish I could remember the name of it but it was pretty famous at the time.  My perfume only consisted on soap and water.

Shirley had cancer and she had 6 weeks to live according to the Dr’s.  And that was pretty much what time she got.  I had learned just the day before of her passing.  This day I was visiting her mother and her daughter at their house and there were several church ladies there.  We were walking on the sidewalk beside the bushes beside the kitchen window as we were about to leave–when I smelled her perfume.  Then to my astonishment,  a couple of other ladies said the same thing.  Usually,  I am always alone in my spirit visits–so this was quite welcoming to me.  This was all that happened from Shirley that day.  But there was more to come, later.


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