Tenderly Woke

(I spent much time in the woods, on creek banks and among the plants, herbs and flowers.   I witnessed and felt the energy of Spring time and how it awakens life.   And this was what I was given.)

To them, listen I will; the peepers and bull frogs.
Warm flash, ancient recollection, through my heart is sent.
Charmed it’s way up through the earth,  Emerald fenyl.
Leaves fairy laced on the air sitting stretched and slim.
Moving his head is Grandfather turtle, waking he is.
The ground above just a little trembles
Tiny rumbles heard by those much smaller.
Oh,  yellow jonquils, up through your Mother
Have you arrived.
And warmed you are by Father sun.
Painting his favorite color first,
Using water colors with the rain.
Calling, she is;  to her children.
Embraced they are and on the wind
Whispers to them a lullaby
Not to sleep, but to gently wake.


One thought on “Tenderly Woke

  1. I LOVE your poem!….they are beautiful…so ‘real’ they should speak to everyone! They speak to me….i can see what you see…through your words…thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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